You Choose Cosmetics is the first Italian cosmetic laboratory at your disposal

Make the perfect lipstick for your skin tone and suitable for any time of day. Be amazed by the infinite creative possibilities, you just have to try!

TEXTURE > choose among the different formulations the one that best suits you. You have a business meeting, an aperitif with friends or a romantic evening? Enhance every moment of your day with the right texture.

COLORS > pink raspberry, nude, purple, red or blue, whether you want a neutral or more vibrant color, we welcome you in our colorful world. Blend pigments and create a color to wear every day. Do you like to amaze? Then dare and make yourself unforgettable for an evening, create the color you’ve never been able to find!

AROMA > just a touch of vanilla for an irresistible fragrance sweet and full of glamour, blueberry and strawberry to make you seductive... Choose from many fragrances available, so as to leave your mark wherever you go.

SHAPE > choose between the different shapes available. Formulation and pigments are mixed and you will see your creation come to life before your eyes.

ENGRAVING > give a name to your lipstick. Make it unique, whether it is for you or the gift for a special person, customize it with your name or message