We are committed to the development of social responsibility actions aimed at solidarity and inclusion. We work together to ensure that the message has a positive impact on the entire community. That’s why we are proud to be Platinum Sponsor of WomenX Impact. WomenX Impact is a point of reference in Italy on issues related to leadership and empowerment and provides tools aimed at reducing the gender gap, both in the company and more generally in society. Gender equality is for us one of the fundamental issues and that is why we will actively participate in the event of WomenX Impact to be held at FICO in Bologna on 17-18-19 November 2022 .


We are proud to offer cruelty free products. We love animals and we’re proud to use only ingredients not tested on animals .


It is no secret that we are all different. We have different skin tones, body shapes, types of hair... and it is not only the outside to make us different: each of us also has a unique personality and values.

We are all unique and that’s what makes us beautiful, that’s why we should be proud of what makes us different from all the others. So why not show your uniqueness by choosing the one that suits you?


From raw materials to the production process to packaging, all our products are made in Italy. Everything is realized with the commitment of Italian artisans and entrepreneurs, people before partners, who carry with them values that are part of the tradition of Italian culture characterized by creativity, quality and control.